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101 things to do in Cairo

As an epitah, here is my personal list after a few years living in Cairo. I'm missing lots of things anyway.
Hope you enjoy... and advice to increase the list ;)

1. Pyramids of Sakkara.
2. Pyramids of Dahshour.
3. Pyramids of Gizah.
4. Sphinx.
5. Sail a "faluqa" in the Nile.
6. Visit Dahab island.
7. Buy "stuff" in Khan el Khalili.
8. Walk at night in el Mouaizz street, in li-Din Allah, in el Hussein.
9. Visit the Azhar Park: watch the sunset while listening to the call for the pray from the top of the hill.
10. Take a walk in Garden city.
11. Pay a flash visit to Tahrir square.
12. Cross Azhar street to visit the "other part" of Khan el Khalili.
13. Take a "shai" in Beet el 'Oud.
14. Look how they manufacture 'ouds in Mohammed Ali street, from Attaba, Downtown.
15. Enjoy a nice meal in a boat on the river.
16. Go with your couple to have a drink at Cairo Jazz Club.
17. Wust el balad band and their fans dancing.
18. Beshir (habiby)
19. Sail a falouqa in Maadi.
20. Lucille's hamburguers.
21. Cafe's in Zamalek. Anytime.
22. Sequoia for dinner in Spring / Fall.
23. Boulaq street market.
24. Horreya, in Midan Falaki, downtown.
25. Shawarma from Gad after a few beers, in Falaki sq.
26. Visit Ibn Tulun mosque.
27. Get lost in the streets in Agouza neighbor.
28. Have a shisha by the Nile.
29. Enjoy a day-use at Gezirah Sporting Club.
30. Go to a football match (better if it's an Ahly match).
31. Have you ever been to the Camel market (Fridays)?
32. Enjoy the view while having a beer at Rooftop Zamalek.
33. Roxy square in Heliopolis.
34. Take a look of Baron Palace and freak out.
35. Enjoy a nice meal at Charwood's.
36. Go to Townhouse Gallery.
37. Drink a juice at Borsa at night with your friends.
38. Play "tawla": backgammon, mahboosa or 31. Try also "domino amerikany".
39. Watch out at Imbaba streetmarket.
40. Drive a tuk-tuk.
41. At least once: Abou Sid. To enjoy the nice egyptian food in a nice atmosphere.
42. Drink a Stella beer.
43. Drink a Saqqara beer.
44. Smoke a shisha "apple" (tufah)
43. Smoke a shisha lemon-mint (leemon-na3na3) and believe it's better than the apple one.
44. Go to Shubra and take a look around.
45. Go to the "city of rubish" in Meshet Nassr.
46. Visit the churchs excaved in the mountain. Breathetaking.
47. Go clubbing (if you like it): hotels.
48. Marriot Garden, for a moment of relax.
49. Negotiate the tariff with a black taxi.
50. Drink "sahlab" (if you like milk) in Cafe Fishawy, Khan el Khalili.
51. Go to the derwish show.
52. Go to Darb 1718.
53. Give the Opera a chance.
54. Enjoy Cairo Chamber Orchestra in Goumhoreya Theatre.
55. Go to a concert in Saqya Sawi (cultural centre).
56. Look at the wedding celebrations in Zamalek mosque.
57. Visit the Citadel and its stunning view.
58. Visit the two mosques.
59. Enjoy an "iftar" at el Hussein.
60. Go to Mar Girgis and enjoy "coptic Cairo"
61. One-day trip to the desert.
62. Go to the top of Cairo tower. Nation's higher structure.
63. Ride a camel in the pyramids.
64. Ride a horse as well.
65. Go to "el Brince" in Imbaba to try the excellent typical Egyptian plates.
66. Spend 2 hours stucked in the traffic.
67. Buy anything at anytime and anywhere (this is the real big apple that never sleeps).
68. Listen to the echoes of the calls to the pray of the 1.000 mosques.
69. Go to the Duty free shop in Gamat el Dawel in Mohandiseen.
70. Sit in the bridge, get a tea, a shisha or just enjoy the fresh air over the Nile.
71. Go to the Hammam in Boulaq.
72. Or to the one in el Hussein.
73. Go to see the view in Mokattam.
74. Negotiate the Nile cruise to Luxor and Aswan at the travel agencies in Tahrir sq. and Talaat Harb st.
75. Go to Ramses train station for your tickets to Alexandria.
76. And get your bus tickets in Turgoman station, for Siwa, Dahab, Ras Sedr, Sharm el Sheikh, Bahareya...
77. Hate the traffic, hate the pollution, hate the noise, hate not walking on the sidewalks... and love the city.
78. Say "hi" to all the people who say "hello" to you.
79. Answer the three questions: Name, country and religion.
80. Eventually, answer a fourth one: married or single?
81. Ask for streets you just made up and enjoy the directions.
82. Don't ask for streets in yes/no questions.
83. Don't ask. Enjoy!
84. Do the baladi bar tour ( in Downtown.
85. Enjoy the wonderful architecture of Downtown while walking. Bring your camera.
86. Sit in an "qahwa" and ask for a "shai bel na3na3" or "qahwa mabsoota" or "aseer manga or leemon" (depends on the season).
87. Walk in Maadi.
88. Walk in Heliopolis.
89. Look for the two or three butchers selling pork meat.
90. Enjoy Milad's bad jokes, his humor and buy a "sebha" from him tomorrow. And tip him.
91. Get used to see a whole family (father, mother, son, daughter and baby) on the same motorbike.
92. Don't buy vegetables in alfa market, go to the guy in the street or Dokki's market in Solima Gawhar st.
93. Listen to Um Koulzum.
94. Take it easy.
95. Avoid to take Hyunday white taxis. The meters are mostly tricked. Wallahi.
96. Go to the Egyptian Museum. It's big and messy. You'll need time.
97. Try the "gambari bel tahina" sandwich.
98. Clean your shoes.
99. Follow your guide but also your instinct.
100. Keep in touch with all the people (foreigners and locals) you met during your time there. They are special.

101. Drink water from the Nile...
*102. ... so you'll make sure you will come back one day!

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  1. 103. know poor and rich nieghborhood in cairo and feel by yourself the real different
    104. don´t trust 100% in egyptian help, a lot of them see foreigners like an automatic cashier with legs
    105. before to take a taxi ask if he ride you to "that address" from out of car
    106. don´t take subway in rush hour
    107. learn at leas numbers in arabic before your travel
    108. enjoy egypt is an experience for never forget, even when is noicy dirty and tumultuos city you will love Cairo